Stop In and Relax

If you need to get away, massage is available at Groves Family Chiropractic at 3419 North Woodford, Decatur IL. This soothing environment will calm you and prepare you for a relaxing massage. Foot, table, and chair massages are all available at this location by appointment.

In-Home Massages

Massages are to be enjoyed and the best place is in the comfort of your home. Chris will bring her portable chair or table depending on the service requested. When your session is finished, you can choose to sit and relax or take a shower! Prenatal massages are available too.

At Work & Corporate Events

Seated chair massages are given at work. Receive a relaxing foot and leg massage (lotion is used) in the very comfortable reclining chair, or receive a soothing massage while sitting in the massage chair. Time increments start with 5 minutes and continue in 5 minute segments up to 30 minutes per client/employee.

Massage for Students and School Staff

For Teacher Appreciation Week, midterms, finals, or any other high-stress times, students, teachers, and staff can all use a relaxing massage. Businesses, PTOs, and other individuals or organizations can even sponsor massage times for teachers and staff over lunch!

Massage for Seniors/Elders

Massage is available for seniors in the privacy of their home, or room or in the activity room of their lodging. Massages on my portable table are given for a minimum time of 30 minutes, in the privacy of the client’s room. Massages on either my regular massage chair or my seated walker are given in time increments beginning with 8 minutes. Massages are available to be given on the client’s bed for a minimum time of 30 minutes. Foot and leg massages can be given on either the seated walker or the client’s own chair or bed.

See here for rates. (Note: Rates are for group settings like assisted living facilities.)

Massage Parties and Community Events

Massage party ideas include but are not limited to: birthday parties, bridal showers, ladies spa day, family reunions, work retreats, church retreats, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas parties, Mother’s day and Father’s day, valentines day, moving and date night.

Accepts: Major credit/debit cards, Venmo, Paypal, Square, Cash, Checks and Gift